We are
Chemistry Geeks.

JetCare is your car’s new best friend. Specialized in premium car care. Our formulas include engine maintenance, interior cleaning & shine, tire care. We also carry a great variety of air fresheners that come in so many scents and designs.

Highest Dedication
to Car Care Products

JetCare® Prodcuts are introduced in a continuing effort to make it easier for you to achieve the level of beauty you are looking for. Long-lasting shine, rich and luxurious looking car, and most importantly, protection, can now all be applied in precise amounts and locations.

Over 5 years ago, JetCare® Protectant started it all. And we haven’t stopped. Today, we make sprays, wipes, and gels that help you clean, protect, and make your car shine. When you’re proud of your car, we’re proud to have helped.

A full range of JetCare Products to get the job done quickly and continuously.